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Your Apartment Property Management System Health Check


A property management Chicago Company is vastly becoming popular in today’s world. As more people own property they look to ways in which they can ensure it runs how it should. However, property owners aren’t aware that a property management system health check covers more than just the basics. So, what should your health check cover?

Property Management Companies Chicago Needs To Keep Up Maintenance

First and foremost, any property management companies in Chicago must complete the basics of the property which is maintenance. This means any issues within the property need to be picked up on and cared for immediately. When this happens, it reduces greater problems down the line and also ensures the property remains in fair condition.

Budgeting For Every Property

Another important factor to consider when it comes to getting a health check for your property is the …

How to Get a Management Contract for a Condominium


Property managers in Chicago need to have a game plan in place when trying to win over condominium associations as clients. It is not an easy task, but it does not have to be ridiculously hard either. If you follow these steps, your property management company will most likely have no problem getting a condominium contract!

Make a Marketing Plan

One of the most important steps in securing a contract with a condominium association is to market your company well. Showing that you can offer better service than any of the other property management companies in Chicago will be a key part in their decision to invest in you. Bolstering up your marketing plan will get the attention of potential clients and show them that you really mean business. Clearly laying out important information they may be looking for on your website …

What to look for in property management companies San Francisco

Where many property management companies in San Francisco operate

Property management is extremely important when dealing with real estate. It is essentially making sure the property is cared for, in good condition and monitored on a consistent basis. This is exactly what is done with property management companies San Francisco. There are some specific roles that should be done by a property manager and they’re as follows:

  • doing a proper screening or testing of the person looking to rent the property; this includes checking their criminal history, credit score, their prior rental history as well as their ability to make the payment for the property
  • getting the lease drawn up and prepared so that it can be signed and making sure that the rent is collected and doing so with legal documents (this is especially essential for the area that the property is in)
  • a property manager must also manage