Chicago Property Management Fees Explained

Are you looking for a property management expert where you can invest your hard earned money in Chicago? There are a lot of factors you must know before you hire a property management companies in Chicago. A major part of the population think about their budget and the fees they need to pay for the property management company. Hence it is very important to select the company which offers you very reasonable fees and good deal. Although every property management charges you differently they basically have similar fee structure which can help you decide what needs to be done. Click here to read more information about fees structure.

Below are some of the fee types which are being charged for every member of the property management company:

Know your management fees

One of the major portion of property management fees lies in this section. Many companies charge the fees as a 1 month rent of the property. This fees is all inclusive of the expenses handled in collecting rent from the tenant, offering tenant based support 24×7, and much more. Besides this, if the property is vacant for a long time, some Chicago property management companies collect fees for such vacant homes. Hence it is important that you check what is the monthly management fees you may get charged before you hire a property management company. Visit for further information about fees.

Chicago Property Management Fees Explained

If there any fee for the overall setup?

Chicago property management fee includes setup cost. This is mainly for the first time members when they are charged the fee to set up initial dealings in the company, establish their paperwork and other formalities. This fee also ensures that a communication channel is appropriately established between the tenants and the company and help the tenants adjust to the change. Since not all companies may charge this fee, make sure of it in advance before you hire the property management company.

Check out the leasing fee

Once you setup the initial paperwork and tenant, next goes the fees with leasing the property. The fee generally ranges from half month to a full month rent. If the Chicago property management companies are in a hurry to fill in the units quickly, then they may charge slightly higher fees than normal for leasing. Depending upon situations like when the units are empty or when people plan to move less, then the fees charged may be a bit higher than normal.

Do we need to pay fee for the cancellation?

Even this fee is charged by a very few Chicago property management companies. As the name itself suggests, this fee is basically for taking the records out of their system. Although this is not ethical to charge fees for getting off from their system, few companies still do it as they treat this as a penalty for leaving their company. A modified version of this may be to put certain terms and conditions in the contract to ensure that the property management company charges this fee only if you break the lease or contract early and charge by percentage of the overall months stayed.

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