How to Get a Management Contract for a Condominium

Property managers in Chicago need to have a game plan in place when trying to win over condominium associations as clients. It is not an easy task, but it does not have to be ridiculously hard either. If you follow these steps, your property management company will most likely have no problem getting a condominium contract!

Make a Marketing Plan

One of the most important steps in securing a contract with a condominium association is to market your company well. Showing that you can offer better service than any of the other property management companies in Chicago will be a key part in their decision to invest in you. Bolstering up your marketing plan will get the attention of potential clients and show them that you really mean business. Clearly laying out important information they may be looking for on your website or social media as well as using creative ways to get them interested in what you do.

Make Intentional Contact

Sitting back and waiting for condo companies to come to you just because you have some great marketing going on will not get you the business you need. It is extremely important to make intentional contact with your potential clients by scoping them out and learning about them first and then contacting them. This way, when you contact them, they will be blown away by your interest in them and how you have already started thinking about what they might need and want in a property management Chicago Company. Here some useful tips for you!

Interviewing & Bidding

After you get their attention, the condo association board will probably make you jump through a few hoops before they decide to use your services. Property managers in Chicago will need to meet and interview with the association to answer all of their questions and talk about how they deal with different situations and issues that may potentially arise. The board will also expect these property managers to come up with a bid based on the types of services they plan to use at that particular condominium. When all is said and done, in order to stand out to the board, you will have to give them a great deal but also give them an idea that you are worth more than the other companies and willing to do more than them as well.

Constructing a Contract

Once they realize how incredible your property management company is and decide they want you on their team, you will need to draw up a contract that includes the responsibilities of both parties and all of the services you will be providing. It is important to make this very detailed and have a legal team go over it to look for possible issues and problems.

Making the contract is the easier part so if your company wants to be competitive in making deals with condo associations, great marketing, intentional contact and a killer bid are what will seal the deal. If you are able to do all of these aspects well, you will make the choice of property management companies in Chicago an easy one for your clients.

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